What is Bumperball?

Bumperball is a new world trend of outdoor/indoor activities. This is a special kind of football, where players in balloons – (Zorb) , fighting for the ball and winning, colliding with each other, falling and tumbling, makes the game extremely fun and interesting, both for the players themselves and for the audience. 

The game bonds the team and leaves an indelible impression. The bumperball is absolutly safe for adults and children over 10 years old.

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We work all year round

Be it summer or winter – Big Boom is the right game for every season! Contact us and we will play the game in open air or closed and conditioned places

Best price

We are sure that we are making for you an excellent product for decent Price

Convenient location

We will find the best place for you to play the game. You do not have to wait or waste your time finding one. If you have already rented a place and would like to call us to make a game for you, we will arrive with our team wherever you are

Professional instructors

We build a program and scenarios, depending on your wishes and physical fitness readiness. 2 minutes of training, and you are a professional

Pleasure and fun

We provide an unforgettable playing game, an unforgettable active holiday and a perfect mood. Many game scripts


You get a charge of adrenaline and emotions for the whole day, because BigBooM is a great opportunity to teach yourself like sports. Emotional and physical feeling guaranteed


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Bumperball – It is New positive emotions and a full charge for the whole day

Soccer in balloons – is a new and already popular worldwide entertainment.
During the match, you can and should throw out all the negative emotions causing numerous blows and pushes to opponents.
And with all this, you are guaranteed 100% security with a dense wall of protecting air in a balloon.

Bigboom Bumperball - Bubble fun is for everyone
Bigboom Bumperball - Bubble fun is for everyone

Team spirit

Soccer in balls is a strategic team game with established rules.
A lot of competitions are organized around the world.
This is one of the safest contact sports. If you want to participate or assemble your team, then please contact us.

Bumperball is an opportunity to take a fresh look at your free time.

In one session of the game, your life can become more active for one hour, more energy for a week ahead and a couple kilograms lighter. The game is available to all, regardless of age and level of fitness.

Bigboom Bumperball - Bubble fun is for everyone

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10 people
  • 10 zorbs
  • 2 professional instructors
  • Water
  • Music
  • Photos
  • 1 hour game


15 people
  • 10 zorbs
  • 2 professional instructors
  • Water
  • Music
  • Photos
  • 2 hour game


20+ people
  • 10 zorbs
  • 2 professional instructors
  • Water
  • Music
  • Photos
  • 3 hour game

Frequently asked questions

Bumperball is an absolutely safe form of activity ! Suitable for both adults and children. The upper body of the player (except the legs) during the game will be in the bumper ball, it is securely protected. The ball has a high shock absorption and elasticity, it can run around the platform, fall, push, tumble, stand on your head upside down and perform various stunts.
The bumperball can be played by adults and children from 8 years old, with a growth of 130 cm. The maximum weight that a ball can withstand is 90-95 kg.
Minimum number of people – 6 people.
Maximum – not limited. Up to 12 people – we divide into 2 teams, if 13-20 people – into 3-4 teams, if 21-30 people – into 5-6 teams and a mini-tournament is held.
During the game of “soccer in the balls” teams play by turns, in other games all teams can take part at the same time.
The optimal game time for 6-10 people is 1-2 hours;
The optimal game time for 10-20 people is 2-3 hours;
The optimal game time for 20 or more people – from 3 hours.
For your convenience, time can be divided into 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 hours. This rule is not strict, since Depending on age and sports training, time may differ from the recommendation above.

Of course not. Ball Soccer is a traditional bumperball game. 
Also, our professional instructors will hold for you and other games in balls: penalties, wall to wall, bouncers, somersaults, rugby, relay races and much more. The program of games is selected according to the age, preparation and desire of the players! 


It’s a new way of sports and activity|

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